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It’s Not Too Late to Enjoy Clear + Brilliant™ Skin for the Holidays!

There’s still time to schedule a Clear + Brilliant™ treatment at DermSurgery Associates. Fight the effects of aging, with this quick and gentle treatment and enjoy smoother skin with a radiant, youthful glow. Clear + Brilliant™ laser treatments can result in noticeable benefits:
  • Visibly illuminated skin tone
  • Renewed, ultra-soft and
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Fix Teen Acne Problems Now with Vbeam Laser Therapy

Young people returning to school after the summer have a gazillion things to think about. For many, one of those things is facing another year with an ongoing acne problem. Whether it’s active acne or scarring from previous bouts, nobody likes showing up for school with unsightly facial blemishes. Now,… Read More

DermSurgery Associates: Your Tattoo Removal Experts

What You Need to Know About Tattoo Removal Sometimes people getting tattoos are told by a well-meaning friend or family member not to do it, that someday they’ll regret it. If “someday” does happen to come, fortunately there’s a solution with DermSurgery Associates of Houston: laser tattoo removal. A variety… Read More

The Triple Play for Facial Rejuvenation

Sometimes you look in the mirror, and the face looking back at you seems somehow older than you feel. Aging is a normal process, but when it comes to your skin, there are ways to get younger skin and start looking more in line with how you’re feeling. Here are… Read More
DermSurgery Associates – Houston Dermatologist | Spruce up Your Skin for Autumn with PicoSure

Spruce up Your Skin for Autumn with PicoSure

How does your skin look and feel? As we move into autumn and head toward the holidays, do you have concerns with wrinkles, acne scarring, sun damage or other signs of aging? People frequently feel they look 10 years older than they are, and confidence may be affected. If you… Read More