Cheek Volume Loss

What is Cheek Volume Loss?

Part of the normal aging process and genetics can cause volume loss in the cheek area. Environmental factors can also contribute to this such as sun exposure. Many other factors play a huge roll such as up and down dieting, hormonal changes and having a very thin frame or being very skinny. The ligaments which support the soft tissue stretch and cause the relaxation of cheek area. This can sometimes cause a dropping in the cheek. Stress such as life events can also cause an aging effect thus, causing cheek volume loss.

Treatment options are plentiful for cheek volume loss. The most common and safest treatment would be injecting a filler such as Juvederm, Restylane, or Radiesse into the area. This can be done at a lunchtime or afternoon with minimal to no downtime or bruising. Fillers can give a person a year or more of satisfactory fullness into the cheek area but does have to be repeated. Treatment is not a necessary option but absolutely an option to assist in aging gracefully.

It is important the patient see a dermatologist for consultation and treatment options.

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