Double Chin

What causes a Double Chin?

There are a few factors which contribute to a double chin. Most commonly, it is hereditary genetics. Other people simply naturally store their excess fat in the chin area. Age, diet, weight gain, posture and health issues can also contribute to it. Having a double chin can sometimes cause the person much distress and embarrassment.

A double chin is actually a subcutaneous sheet of fat around your neck area. This fat sags and thus causes a “wrinkle”.

There are many treatment options for a double chin. The most common are a nutritious diet and chin exercises. Sometimes these simply do not alleviate all the results of the double chin and many people seek other treatments including invasive and non-invasive.

Of course more invasive treatment would be plastic surgery and less invasive would be liposuction. There are non-invasive treatment options such as Kybella and Coolsculpting. Kybella injections actually destroy the cells which store the fat and usually no other treatment is necessary. Coolsculpting freezes the fat cells to destroy it and is virtually painless. Results with Coolsculpting can usually be seen within 1-2 treatments.

It is important a person meets with a dermatologist to discuss the best treatment options for them.

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