Eyelid Sag

What is an Eyelid Sag?

Eyelid sag, also called ptosis, is a drooping of the upper eyelids of one or even both eyes. Of course eyelid sag can occur in the lower lid also. At times, the drooping may not be very noticeable but other times it may even block vision covering the pupil of the eye. Eyelid sag can sometimes cause the person to even lean their head backward to see while speaking or performing everyday tasks.

The skin of the eyelid actually begins to lose elasticity due to many factors such as age, disease/illness, genetics, fat prolapse in the eyelid and even seasonal allergies. Eyelid sag can occur in children and adults alike.

There are many options to treat eyelid sag. Of course the surgical option of a blepharoplasty would be necessary in many cases when vision is so affected the lid droop is irreversible with non-invasive treatment. Some cases can be so severe that it causes vision loss and lazy eye “amblyopia”. In most of these case types, the prognosis is very good. These cases are the more optimal for blepharoplasty and the patient would need to consult with a surgeon for this.

There are exercises to assist in the alleviation of eyelid sag as well as some topical treatment for less severe cases. There are then the non-invasive treatment using Thermage. Thermage is a radio frequency treatment which when used around the orbit of the eye can stimulate collagen growth.

It is recommended to have a visit with a dermatologist to determine the best treatment option for you.

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