Causes for Fat

Fat or adipose tissue is composed of adipocytes in the loose connective tissue areas, meant to cushion and store energy in the body. In many cases, there are too many fat cells and a person will be overweight or obese. It can result from many things but the most common factor is over eating. Some medications such as blood pressure or thyroid can cause a person to gain weight. Poor diet, lack of exercise, depression and even hormone imbalance can also cause weight gain.

There are many things one can do about fatty tissue. First would be to diet and exercise as well as indulge in a low carb, low fat diet. When these do not completely work and you have trouble areas then there are other choices cosmetically one can do.

Liposuction is a very popular cosmetic procedure but is invasive. Liposuction is performed by a medical doctor. It is not only safe and effective but will permanently decrease fat in the area treated as well as contour the body area. Liposuction removes the fat through a small tube called a cannula when suction is applied by the doctor. Liposuction is usually an outpatient procedure with little down time.

Coolsculpting is another option for those who have troubled areas to reduce and do not want anything invasive. Coolsculpting will literally “freeze the fat away” via a process known as cryolipolysis. This kills the fat cells in the area using an applicator which pulls them into a suction device while the patient is relaxing. This process will eliminate the cells by a percentage in the area over a period of time. The surrounding tissue is not affected whatsoever. The results are noticeable within weeks.

It is always best to meet with your doctor or dermatologist to determine the treatment options which fit your needs.

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