Sun Damage

The effects of Sun Damage It has always been fun to lounge in the sun but sun damage can hurt your healthy skin over time. Too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV) will certainly place you at risk for skin cancer, actinic keratosis, age spots, freckles, dry skin, … Read More

Stretch Marks

What causes Stretch Marks? Stretch marks are striae (lesions) that are usually long and narrow resembling stripes or lines on the skin. They usually appear red or purple in tint and will fade over time into white or silvery lines. They can also have a different texture other than that … Read More

Skin Laxity

What is Skin Laxity? Skin laxity is a condition caused by many factors. Most times this condition is genetic, however, many other factors can evolve this condition. Factors can be both intrinsic (natural causes) or extrinsic (outside causes). These may all include aging of the skin, weight fluctuations, environmental factors … Read More

Sagging Skin

What causes Sagging Skin? Sagging skin is a very common issue and most common with aging. However, there are many more reasons which contribute to this sometimes embarrassing and unsightly problem. Extreme weight loss, hormone changes, sun exposure, smoking, excessive alcohol, poor diet, stress and lack of exercise are all … Read More

Port-Wine Stains

What causes Port-Wine Stains? A port-wine stain is normally simply a birthmark. It is caused by a capillary malformation in the skin which is actually a vascular anomaly. Port-wine stains do vary in size from millimeters to inches in a large patch which can cover almost half of ones face. … Read More

Muffin Tops

What causes Muffin Tops? A visible roll of fat above the waist area. This usually occurs in women wearing lower waist pants or tighter clothing, however, it can occur in men as well. This name originated in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s when low rise and hip hugging pants … Read More

Marionette Lines

What are Marionette Lines? As we age, subtle changes begin to occur in our facial area. As we begin to lose collagen and elasticity in our face we begin to develop marionette lines. These lines are on the sides of and usually follow downward toward the outer parts of the … Read More

Love Handles

What causes Love Handles? When excess fat accumulates in the abdomen and extends over the hip area we call this “love handles”. Love handles can be more prominent in some people especially when tight clothing is added into the picture. Love handles can be unsightly and difficult to treat or … Read More

Lip Lines

What causes Lip Lines? Lip lines are as annoying as facial laugh lines but not to be confused with one another. These two are totally different. Lip lines develop vertically around the lips (perioral). These lines normally stretch from the lip toward the nose vertically. Trying to conceal them with … Read More


What is Leukoderma? Leukoderma/Vitiligo is actually a chronic skin condition with which there is no cure. It can affect any age, gender, or ethnicity at any time. It is, however, more common to occur before a person is in there 20’s and will get worse over time. Leukoderma/Vitiligo causes loss … Read More