Sagging Skin

What causes Sagging Skin?

Sagging skin is a very common issue and most common with aging. However, there are many more reasons which contribute to this sometimes embarrassing and unsightly problem. Extreme weight loss, hormone changes, sun exposure, smoking, excessive alcohol, poor diet, stress and lack of exercise are all contributory to sagging skin. Gravity and lack of collagen will cause the skin to pull downward and sag. As we age, it pulls further even more so with each passing year.

Issues and secondary problems can occur from sagging skin. For example, rashes and infections can occur in the folds of skin if not properly tended to. This sometimes must be seen by a dermatologist to administer topical agents and antibiotics. Wounds can also occur from extensive pulling and sagging of the skin which would also need to be seen by a physician.

There are many solutions to sagging skin. Of course, if the skin sags so much it is beyond repair then a surgical solution may be necessary. However, surgery is not always indicated for certain areas with mild to moderate sagging skin. Options can include chemical peels, dermabrasion, radio frequency tightening, Coolsculpting and focal area tightening/smoothing procedures.

It is recommended you speak with your dermatologist to obtain a treatment regimen for your case.

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