Unwanted Hair

Treatment for Unwanted Hair

There are many reasons for unwanted hair growth in both men and women alike. There are differences between the two, however. Men will tend to grow more coarse hair on the body, face, and elsewhere. Women will grow a more “peach fuzz” like hair type on the face. Hormones such as androgens will sometimes cause excessive unwanted hair growth in areas on women. Of course, all women have facial and body hair but some more than others will have a thicker amount which is usually unwanted.

There are conditions such as Hirsutism which results from an excessive amount of androgens (male hormones) in women. This can be related to some medical conditions and hereditary. It is important the person does include a low carb, low glycemic diet. These types of food can actually cause insulin resistance in women and in turn, cause unwanted hair growth.

Unwanted hair growth can be treated several ways. Many women usually attempt to use home remedies at first. There are a few creams which aid in unwanted hair growth removal. Waxing, shaving and plucking are used as well. The most common method to remove unwanted hair growth in a medical facility will be with laser hair removal. This uses a laser which emits light to disable the hair follicle from growing the unwanted hair. This is done over several treatments and virtually painless. These treatments can be done over a lunch hour and you can return to work with no adverse effects.

It is always recommended you speak with your dermatologist to better assist you with your treatment options.

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