Cosmetic Services- Liposuction

Fat Reduction

Liposuction was developed specifically to remove bulges or fat deposits from areas of the body where exercise and weight loss programs have been ineffective. This highly effective contouring procedure can reshape your body curves to create a more pleasing, attractive appearance. Local anesthetic is used, and both the recovery time and discomfort are minimal.


  • Fat
    Causes for Fat Fat or adipose tissue is composed of adipocytes in the loose connective tissue areas, meant to cushion and store energy in the body. In many cases, there...
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  • Cellulite
    What causes Cellulite? A condition caused when fat deposits push through the connective tissue beneath the skin. It causes a dimpled look to the skin or lumpy appearance. Cellulite has...
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  • Double Chin
    What causes a Double Chin? There are a few factors which contribute to a double chin. Most commonly, it is hereditary genetics. Other people simply naturally store their excess fat...
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