Cosmetic Services- Revanesse Versa

Revanesse Versa – DermSurgery Associates uses Revanesse Versa, a hyaluronic acid dermal filler, to correct the appearance of facial wrinkles and creases, especially nasolabial folds. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found naturally within the body, and it can be injected into soft-tissue as an effective dermal filler.


  • Laugh Lines
    What causes Laugh Lines? Laugh lines can discourage even the most positive person. These lines are annoying wrinkles and fine lines which develop over time. These lines/wrinkles usually develop in...
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  • Marionette Lines
    What are Marionette Lines? As we age, subtle changes begin to occur in our facial area. As we begin to lose collagen and elasticity in our face we begin to...
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  • Wrinkles
    What causes Wrinkles? Another common name for wrinkles are also "rhytides" which is a fold, ridge or crease in the skin. Wrinkles or rhytides can occur on any part of...
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Lucile White, MD
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Danielle O'Neill
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