Cosmetic Services- ThermiTight

ThermiTight – DermSurgery Associates utilizes ThermiTight to create smoother and tighter skin. A more aggressive treatment than its sister ThermiSmooth, the procedure involves inserting a probe beneath the skin to stimulate collagen.



  • Skin Laxity
    What is Skin Laxity? Skin laxity is a condition caused by many factors. Most times this condition is genetic, however, many other factors can evolve this condition. Factors can be...
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  • Sagging Skin
    What causes Sagging Skin? Sagging skin is a very common issue and most common with aging. However, there are many more reasons which contribute to this sometimes embarrassing and unsightly...
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Steven J. Smith, MD, FAAD
Dr. Steven Smith is a graduate of Ohio State University Medical School in... Read More