Cosmetic Services- VI Precision Plus Peel

The VI Precision Plus Peel  helps to improve tone, texture and clarity of the skin. DermSurgery Associates utilizes this treatment to help reduce or eliminate age spots, freckles and hyperpigmentation, including melasma. It also helps to soften lines and can work on acne scars. This peel stimulates the production of collagen for firmer, more youthful skin.


  • Age Spots
    What are Age Spots? Many people have age spots or otherwise known as “liver spots” or lentigines. These spots appear any place on the body as round flat brown or...
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  • Melasma
    What is Melasma? Melasma is hyperpigmentation on the face which more commonly shows on the cheeks; nose; forehead; and upper lip. Melasma is actually a very common skin problem also...
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  • Acne Scars
    What are Acne Scars? Acne scars actually result from pores in the skin which have been filled or engorged with oil; bacteria; and dead skin cells. Acne scars are not...
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Lucile White, MD
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Danielle O'Neill
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