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  • New Shingles Vaccine Promises Significantly Better Results

    If you or anyone you know has ever suffered from shingles, you don’t have to be told how painful and disruptive the condition is. Shingles is a rash that typically occurs on just one side of the face or torso. …

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  • Trim the Fat with CoolSculpting!

    Another Thanksgiving may have come and gone, and if you’re like many people, a few new pounds may have shown up, adding to the appearance you’ve already been struggling to get under control. Do you have fatty areas that resist …

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  • SkinPen Special

    SkinPen by Bellus Medical – Purchase a package of 3 treatments for $1000 and save $200.

    Available at our Bellaire, Kingwood and Main locations.

    Offer expires November 30th 2017.…

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