Spider Veins

What causes Spider Veins?

Some people suffer from spider veins which are not to be confused with varicose veins. The difference is that the varicose veins are larger more raised and swollen veins.

Spider veins are much smaller red, purple, or blue vessels. Both types of veins twist and turn and both are caused by a type of venous insufficiency when the vessels become weaker and damaged.

There are many factors which contribute to spider veins but no real known “cause”.

Many issues, however, can contribute to development of spider veins such as trauma to the area; obesity; pregnancy; aging; sun damage; and heredity.

Many times spider veins are not symptomatic however, there are cases in which patients complain of pain; tingling; and even numbness in the affected areas.

There are treatments with little to no downtime for spider veins. Many dermatologists offer and perform two different types of treatment for spider veins which can include sclerotherapy and laser vein treatment.

Sclerotherapy can have a permanent effect on the spider veins.

This treatment is performed in the office by the doctor injecting a solution into the vein. The solution will then scar and actually close the vein which will cause the flow of blood to go through more healthy veins.

There is about a 50-90% chance for improvement in appearance in the area where sclerotherapy has been used.

Laser vein treatment is performed using small bursts of light to the affected area which will cause the vein to fade and disappear over time. This is also performed in the office with little to no downtime and will not damage the surrounding skin.

If you suffer from spider veins then call your dermatologist today! Schedule your consultation to discuss which treatment is best for you!

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