Mohs Surgery

Effective Skin Cancer Treatment

With an extremely high cure rate of up to 99%, Mohs Surgery is the preferred method for removal of Skin Cancer. The technique was first developed in the 1930’s and has evolved into a precise technique that is used by our Fellowship Trained Mohs Surgeons to identify diseased tissue while leaving healthy tissue intact.

By removing the tumor and examining the diseased tissue under a microscope, the surgeon can remove the tumor and leave healthy, cancer-free tissue. The pathologic interpretation of the tissue margins is done on site by the Mohs surgeon, who is specially trained in the reading of these slides.

The American College of Mohs Surgery cites the advantages of Mohs surgery:

  • Ensuring complete cancer removal during surgery, virtually eliminating the chance of the cancer growing back
  • Minimizing the amount of healthy tissue lost
  • Maximizing the functional and cosmetic outcome resulting from surgery
  • Repairing the site of the cancer the same day the cancer is removed, in most cases
  • Curing skin cancer when other methods have failed

Dr. Leonard Goldberg, Dr. Arash Kimyai-Asadi, Dr. Lucile E. White, Dr. Anna Drosou and Dr. Diane Trieu are all Fellowship Trained Mohs Surgeons. Dr. Goldberg also serves as the Program Director for Houston Methodist Hospital’s Micrographic Surgery and Dermatologic Oncology Fellowship Program.

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