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PicoSure ButtonImmage PicoSureMake your skin beautiful again – with PicoSure laser treatment

For people with a variety of skin blemishes, including tattoos that are no longer wanted, the answer is PicoSure laser treatment from DermSurgery Associates of Houston. Check out the benefits of this clean and uncomplicated procedure.

Versatile skin treatment for a more radiant appearance

PicoSure employs picosecond laser technology in specified wavelengths to remove unsightly marks from the skin. It’s an ideal treatment for

  • Acne scars
  • Wrinkles
  • Freckles
  • Sun spots and brown spots
  • General sun damage
  • The repair of discoloration due to pigmentation issues
  • Tattoos (including those that have resisted other removal treatments)

Who wants to look younger and better?

You can unveil the youthful appearance you’ve been seeking with this non-invasive, non-surgical skin treatment performed by skilled dermatologists. Much gentler on the skin than traditional heat-based laser treatments, PicoSure therapy perfectly targets a variety of “problem” areas including the arms, legs, face, hands, chest and neck.

PicoSure works by delivering very fast bursts of laser energy to break up skin spots and tattoo ink, allowing the body to naturally eliminate the tiny fragments. Patients enjoy great results as well as fewer treatment visits and less downtime than with older forms of laser skin therapy.

The PicoSure skin-enhancement procedure takes place in the dermatologist’s office, not a hospital, and is performed only by licensed practitioners. General anesthesia isn’t necessary, and most patients are ready to get back into the swing of their day quickly after treatment.

Is the PicoSure method right for you? You can find out by contacting DermSurgery Associates. Tell us the issues you’re dealing with, and we’ll arrange an appointment where you can learn all about PicoSure and the benefits it can bring to you. Call us at 713.791.9966.

Contact us as well for information regarding a full menu of laser cosmetic services including PDT acne laser/light treatment, Fraxel® Re:Store treatment, V-Beam Perfecta® Cynergy, skin resurfacing, Fraxel Dual, Smoothbeam™ laser toning, hair removal and much more.


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