Cosmetic Services- Q-Switched Ruby Laser and Nd:Yag Laser

Multi-Use Laser for Pigmented Lesions

DermSurgery utilizes this state-of-the-art laser to treat a wide variety of pigmented lesions such as age spots, freckles, brown spots, birthmarks and tattoos.

  • For solar lentigos (sun spots), tattoos, nevus of Ota (melasma), and other pigmented lesions
  • Laser specifically targets the darker region of skin being treated and clears the lesion, leaving normal surrounding skin unharmed
  • May require multiple treatments

 Before & After

RubyLaser SolarLentigo Q Switched Ruby Laser and Nd:Yag Laser


The Nd:YAG laser can be used to treat:

Vascular lesions

ND:YAG can be used to remove spider and thread veins in the face (cheek, temporal region, nasal dorsum, forehead) and legs.

 Before & After

VBeamPerfecta Hemangioma Q Switched Ruby Laser and Nd:Yag Laser


Pigmented lesions

Nd:YAG laser can be used to remove brown age spots (solar lentigines), freckles, naevus of Ota, naevus of Ito, mongolian spots, Hori naevus and café-au-lait-macules. (Light pulses target melanin at variable depths on or in the skin.

Before & After

SolarLentigines Q Switched Ruby Laser and Nd:Yag Laser


Tatoo removal

Blue, grey and black tattoos can be removed with a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser (1064 nm wavelength).

  • The color of the tattoo and the depth of the pigment influence the duration and the outcome of the laser treatment.
  • Laser treatment involves the selective destruction of ink molecules that are then absorbed by macrophages and eliminated.
  • Requires multiple treatments for desired results
  • An anesthetic is injected prior to treatment to reduce discomfort

 Before & After

Tattoo Q Switched Ruby Laser and Nd:Yag Laser



Onychomycosis is a common nail disorder caused by fungal pathogens. There are significant barriers to treatment with oral and topical antifungals. Successful treatment of onychomycosis requires antifungal drugs to penetrate the nail plate and nail bed, but this is often incomplete with oral and topical agents. Several laser devices have been granted FDA marketing approval for the treatment of onychomycosis. The first two lasers that were sanctioned by the FDA for the treatment of onychomycosis (PinPointe™ FootLaser™ [Cynosure, Massachusetts, USA ] and Cutera GenesisPlus™ [Cutera, California, USA]) are both flashlamp pumped short-pulse Nd:YAG 1064 nm lasers. These lasers emit 100–3000 microsecond pulses with an energy fluence of 25.5 J/cm2 for a 1 mm spot size.

Other uses of Nd:YAG laser

Nd:YAG lasers have also be used to improve wrinkles in photo-aged skin.

 Before & After

Photoaging1 Q Switched Ruby Laser and Nd:Yag Laser


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